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"Joe is a more than just a fine teacher and musician. He can take you anywhere you want to go musically. Into theory? Just want to jam? Acoustic, electric, blues, rock, country, alt or you name it, Joe has you covered. And he's a fun guy to hang out with."

   - Bill Casey (Student, Age 67)


"My son has always had an interest in music, but was not hooked by the school's music program. I was always forcing him to practice. Since he's been working with Joe, I never have to remind him to practice. He is motivated by learning music that interests him and proud of the music he makes. He has gained confidence and has truly had his love of music nurtured. As a parent, I am thrilled that with Joe, he has delved into music theory, writing his own music and performing for others. It is without hesitation that I recommend Joe as a guitar teacher!"

   - Christine, Mother


"My 11-year-old son is loving learning a new instrument (guitar) and has found new inspiration for piano and his composing. Joe's thorough explanation of music theory has been really enjoyable for him and has inspired him to branch out in his own compositions."

   - Courtenay, Mother & Music teacher


"Joe is an extremely patient, caring, detail-oriented, and fun teacher with a gift for explaining tough concepts to students. My son looks forward to his lessons all week long. Joe has even helped my son WANT to practice! On top of all that, Joe is professional, punctual, honest, and trustworthy. Honestly, you have to book a lesson with Joe! He's the best!"

   - Kathy S. (Yelp review)


"Joe is the best guitar teacher ever. HE ROCKS! He doesn't just teach you songs and chords, he teaches you everything you need to know. And then he'll let you learn songs on your own, which I think is the best way to learn. But he also helps out with songs. He's the best!"

   - Jordyn (Student, Age 13)


"Joe is not only great teacher but a great musician and artist. Finding the two together can be challenging but I felt lucky to find the combination. He doesn't exclaim that he'll teach you "everything that you need to know" or that his way is proven to make "learning easier". And that is because he doesn't cut corners and acknowledges that things take time and patience..."

   - Google Maps Review, 8/9/09


"Joe is my favorite teacher. He lets me learn at my own pace and has taught me that sometimes slower is faster. I hope to play piano for a long time and think that I will."

   - Madison (Student, Age 11, Sherborn MA)


"I have worked with Joe for many years now and find that he is a truly unique and gifted musician. We always end up making wonderful music together and also have a very good time doing so."

   - Bradford Alderman (Pianist for VMA and BMA winner and Grammy performing artists "Gentlemen Hall")


"Joe was a very patient mentor and teacher for [our daughter]. Years later she still enjoys playing the drums and has shown more interest in other types of music than radio. I highly recommend him to any parent that has a son or daughter that shows an interest in art and music."

   - Sondra Berk (Mother, Framingham MA)

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