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Providing musical services for the Bay Area, Sonoma Vally, Napa Vally, and beyond.

Whether you need a single musician, or a full band, Baer's Music Service offers a tightly knit set of muscians that can provide appropriate and hip music for your event.


Because Baer's Music Service works with musicians that area also perform professionally in the Bay Area music scene, the music is never cheesy, but maluable enough to adapt to your attendees. This is a result real-life music circuit experience that you can't get with some music-in-a-can perfomers.


Depending on availabilty, the style of music can be chosen, as well as the size of the band.


• Weddings

• Corporate Events

• Company Parties

• Holiday Music

• Wine Tastings

• Retirement Parties

Choose what fits.

Depending on your event, you may want a different style of music. Cocktail hour at a wedding? Maybe "quiet jazz." Holiday party for work? Maybe something more up, like "soul-jazz." Wine-tasting? Maybe "straight-ahead jazz" for that classy feel. Whatever you choose, the musicians can adapt to the event.


• Quiet Jazz (ballad-based, soft, but never "soft-jazz" elevator style)


• Jazz (more upbeat songs mixed in, or strait-ahead - classy, old-fashioned)


• Soul-Jazz (Jazz that is a bit more hip, bluesy, with a touch of R&B) *Duo, Trio, and Quartet only.


• Jazz-Blues (Jazz that is, well, a bit more bluesy)


• Contemporary (divserse, can include instumental versions of popular music such as Van Morrison and the Beatles)


The player to the left gives examples of various styles. 10 seconds in, the music is lowered and crowd noise is introduced so you can see just how the music will sound at your event.

Rates are calculated for first hour, and each additional hour (for example, ($250/fh, $180/eah) means $250 for the first hour and $180 for each additional hour.*


Solo ($250/fh, $180/eah)


    Solo Guitar

    Solo Piano


Duo ($490/fh, $350/eah)


    Guitar/Acoustic Bass


    Piano/Acoustic Bass


Trio ($720/fh, $510/eah)







Quartet ($940/fh, $660/eah)



    Guitar/Organ/Bass/Drums (soul-jazz and blues only)

*More information on rates


Rates are based per hour (first set 60 minutes, additional hours include 15 minute breaks and 45 minute sets).


*Performances that may require significant travel may subject to additional fees.




All invoicing is done professionally using online cloud invoicing. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required to officialy book the date. The following 75% due at the end of the gig (a 10% late fee is serviced each additional week after due date).




Depending on the number of musicians, the following setup times are requested for setup, troubleshooting, adjusting to the event, reading the crowd, etc. A parking spot, if needed, should be reserved to reduce arrival problems. A sound check and warm is is NOT required unless the band is expected to play through a PA system. In most cases, a PA is not needed for the music that Baer's Music Service provides. Please note that these acts are not dance bands (althogh dancing is always permitted :)


Solo acts (30 minutes)

Duos (45 minutes)

Trios and Quartets (60 minutes)

Tony At Piano Small

Choose your style.

Choose the size of the the band.

Joe and Chris

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