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Providing musical services for the Bay Area, Sonoma Vally, Napa Vally, and beyond.

Never too little, late, or great. TM

Baer's Music Service offers guitar, piano, bass, and drum lesson in Berkeley, Oakland, and Pleasanton California areas.


The roots of the company started in a small town in Vermont when at the age of 17, Joe Baer Magnant began teaching a class to about 10 younger kids at his own high school by request of his band director.


After studying at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA,  he joined the staff of a music teachers collaborative and dove into teaching about 20-25 students a week as a second job. By the age of 24 he joined the staff at the Cape Cod Conservatory of Music & Arts as one of the youngest faculty members. He began to perform over 200 times a year and work with mutiple groups and record labels. In 2013, Joe and his wife moved to Berkeley, CA and within a year he had over 40 students a week with a waiting list. Recently, he has began hiring teachers through a network of musicians that he trusts and works with on a regular basis.


However, unlike other lesson companies and collabortives, Baer's Music Service offers some extra perks: teachers that can subsitute for each other when there are cancellations, flexible scheduling, and a base cirriculum for consistancy. In addition, Joe keeps the business side of things clean and professional, so teachers and students can focus on what matters; learning about music. This is possible through automatic email reminders, cloud invoicing with online payment options, a professional payroll company, and intellegent scheduling.

Joe and Erik Small

A three-part mission statement

Every student counts.


You are never too little, late, or great to enjoy making and studying music. Taking lessons shouldn't be about becoming famous someday, showing off, sunglasses, cool clothes and messy hair (although, allthose things can be pretty fun). More importantly, it's about setting and achieving goals, learning the virtue of patience, sharing talents, expressing yourself, and building self-confidence. I understand that some students have unique drive for music. But I also understand that some don't and it is just as important to encourage their advancement. This applies to all students of all levels, from 4 year olds to 90 year olds, from beginners to advanced players, from hobbyists to professionals. All of which I have had the privilege of teaching.


Every dollar counts.


Private instruction can be costly and time consuming. It is our aim to give you the best instruction we can for every penny and for every minute. Not only do we aim to give you the best music lesson we can , but Baer's Music Service constantly strives to keep evolving and make things like billing and scheduling simple and effective so you can worry about what matters: making music. Being able to afford a product is often directly related to the quality of the product itself. And if for any reason you don't feel that the instuction is living up to your standards, please feel free to let us know so we can better ourselves.


Every note counts.


Learning an instrument isn't just about playing songs. It's a way of thinking that augments the ability to learn and take on new tasks and ideas. From music we learn the concept of time, we memorize a story, see our traditions, and discover our own culture and the cultures of others. Berklee College of Music (where I went) represents around 70 countries every semester. The confidence it takes to travel the world, meet new people and try new things is reliant on barriers broken by diversity. It is our aim to widen the views of music beyond genres and popular television and radio to further enrich your knowledge and appreciation for one of humankind's oldest forms of art and communication. 

Billing and logistics

Here comes the boring stuff. Luckily, we're going to try to minimize it for you. Baer's Music Service uses an easy and convienent system to reduce the amount of stress at organizing that goes into fees and scheduling. For details, you can visit the rates and policies page.




Billing is easy. The last week of each month, an invoice is sent via email for the following month (see example, right). The invoices includes the dates of each lesson as well as any dates that there are no lessons (due to holidays, teachers and students N/A) and any cancellation credits that may apply from the previous month.


If you notice somethings needs to change (for example, you are going on vacation one week), then you can click on "dispute" and send a message. We'll get an email and the entire conversation will be linked to the invoice (or you can always just call or email directly).


The invoice can be paid securely online with a debit or credit card. If you prefer, a check can be mailed to a secure P.O. box.




People's lives are busy. That's why the day before the lesson a reminder email (or text, if you prefer) is sent 24 hours ahead to remind you of your lesson.


Not only that, but if you need to review your dates or check on any upcoming holidays, you can always come back your online invoices via the email or a bookmark set in your browser to see what dates you were charged for and what dates have no lessons.

Invoice Example

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